Thursday, 11 December 2008

Social Media roundup

In my series of posts on using social media I've mentioned a number of sites. There are so many now that it's almost impossible to track them all, but one social media expert, Brian Solis, has created a useful visualisation tool which he calls the Conversation Prism.
Here it is (this is version 3, updated in 2010: click to enlarge):

If you head over to the Flickr posting of this image you'll see that various people have helpfully added links to even more resources under the relevant section. Brian Solis has also written a freely downloadable e-book about social media (you can get it here.)

Another social media commentator is Deborah Schultz and she describes the process of moving across this landscape as weaving. You can see this illustrated on her site here.

Finally, have a look at Seth Godin's work on Tribes - there's an interesting list of the elements that go into building successful tribes (or communities) which is a social networking example in itself because you can add to the list and vote for what's already there - so the eventual rankings reflect mass opinion.

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